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Top Designer Handbags to Resell

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

Luxury goods are usually excellent investments because you can resell them for the original price, or better. Top designer handbags are no different. Customers will pay well for gently used, or as Hermès would have it, pre-loved handbags.

The following four designer bag brands are simply exquisite:


In the mid-1980s the Chairman of Board Jean-Louis Dumas introduced the Hermès Birkin handbag, which has since become synonymous with luxury. Hermès handbags always look expensive, with hand stitching and fine leather in incredibly beautiful and dyed colours. The Birkin comes in a variety of colours, hides and sizes.

You can find Hermès handbags ranging from $1,000 to $70,000 plus, per bag. However, the Birkin can be priced as high as $120,000, with other bags up to $2 million, and adorned with diamond studs and gold.

The wait list for a Hermès bag is up to six years; it is the most sought after bag in the market. The combination of luxury good, expert craftsmanship and exclusivity – not even celebrities can get a freebie – the resale consignment handbag value can exceed the amount you paid for the bag.

Louis Vuitton

The French fashion house Louis Vuitton, founded around the same time as Hermès, has also attained an excellent reputation for its luxury handbags. LV is an excellent first purchase handbag for the luxury market novice.

LV bags are not leather, but these top designer handbags are durable and coated canvas bags with a leather trim. LV handbags are in demand with its perfectly stitched logo prominently displayed, as well as the release of its very popular, affordable and stylish Neverfull bag in the mid-2000s, along with the Speedy series bags.

But it’s not just the bags that make LV sought after. Perhaps more than any other fashion house competitors, Louis Vuitton has manufactured an air of exclusivity and scarcity. LV bags can sell for upwards of $150,000 and can only be sold the company. Their expensive price tags are matched by their exclusivity and annual price increases make the resale value among the highest in the luxury brands.


Of all the luxury fashion houses, House of Chanel’s top designer handbags are signature pieces. The Flap bag is copied by high- and low-end designers. In fact, it is copied so often that you are better off buying the original.

And the purchase of a Chanel bag is a worthy investment. Chanel bags can be quite expensive because of the quality – their caviar leather bags will last a life time. Add to quality, scarcity and an increase in the suggested retail price every six months or so, and demand will outstrip supply.

The latest iteration of the Flap is Chanel’s Boy Bag, an equally sought after bag, all with excellent resale value. Expect to sell you Chanel bag for a good percentage of the retail price, even if you bought your luxury handbag on consignment.

Proenza Schouler 

This young company, which started up in 2002, is new to the luxury handbag market. However, fashion followers are increasingly putting their handbags like the PS1, into the category of a true classic.

Celebrities love the PS1, which is contributing to rising demand and a strong resale value. Beautifully crafted with a range of colours and materials, the PS1 and PS11 are helping to take this New York-based fashion house global.

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