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How Does Gold Get Weighed to Sell for Cash? Blog Image

When you are looking to sell your gold for cash, you might find that you’ve got a lot of questions to ask about how the process works. In our previous article “How Do Cash for Gold Stores Work?” we outlined what happens when you take your gold or jewellery to be sold at a cash […]

How Do Cash for Gold Stores Work? Blog Image

Have you ever seen an advertisement for selling your gold and wondered what it’s all about? Maybe you’ve been interested in selling some of your gold or jewellery but are worried that you won’t be getting a good deal. Jewelry often has a sentimental value to the owner and parting with an item can be […]

Is Selling Gold for Cash Worth It? Blog Image

From television commercials to radio advertisements to large neon signs at the shopping centre, “Cash for Gold!” has been a sort of battle cry over the past decade. You might not have put much thought into the idea before, but selling gold for cash is actually a good proposition and one that can be worth […]

Can You Buy/Sell Gold & Gold Coins at a Bank? Blog Image

Many investors look toward gold coins and bars in order to diversify their holdings and preserve their wealth. Gold has an exceedingly limited supply, so the demand is almost always high and the value is constantly going up. By holding its value so well against inflation, gold is a good investment and offers insurance against […]

Is White Gold Worth More Than Yellow Gold? Blog Image

Have you ever been in a jewellery store and observed that a ring in yellow gold costs less than the same ring made of white gold? Depending on the jeweller you purchase from you may find that white gold sometimes costs more. But is white gold worth more than yellow gold? The answer to this […]

How to Invest in Gold? Blog Image
November 4, 2019

Are you looking for ways to expand your investment portfolio and think gold is a good fit? Maybe you’ve been curious about investing in gold for some time but aren’t sure where to start? Gold can be a great investment, but it is sometimes intimidating to get started with. In this article we will give […]

How to Clean an Engagement Ring Blog Image

Are you newly engaged? Congratulations! Whether  you recently bought the ring from a jewellery buyer and the ring on your finger is new to you or has been cherished for many years, you may be wondering about how you should care for your ring. There are a few key things that you can do to help keep […]

Where Does Gold Come from and How is Gold Made? Blog Image

Prospective buyers of gold are often curious about where their gold has come from. As gold is a precious metal it comes from the earth and is a finite resource. Gold can be found in every continent on the earth. It would be difficult to determine exactly where your gold came from originally as all […]

What is a Troy Ounce Blog Image
July 1, 2019

If you are new to buying and selling gold or other precious metals, you may be unfamiliar with the troy ounce. Unlike other consumer goods such as food products, precious metals are weighed using a different system. This system is the troy ounce. It is very important for gold buyers and sellers to understand the […]

What is Rose Gold? Blog Image
July 1, 2019

Rose gold is a popular choice for many jewellery buyers. It is currently on trend with many brides to be coveting engagement rings and jewelry set in the precious metal. But what is rose gold, and does it cost more than platinum? If you are planning on purchasing rose gold jewelry it is important to […]