Earring Repair in Toronto

Earrings can be a very delicate type of jewellery, and unfortunately can easily become broken. From missing backings and missing stones to broken posts or bent hoop earrings, there are many ways our favourite earrings can become unwearable.

Whether your earrings are brand new or are a family heirloom, Pinto Gold knows that they are a cherished part of your jewellery collection. We are pleased to offer earring repair services so you can continue to wear your favorite pieces. No matter the type of metal or style of earring, we offer affordable, high-quality repairs.

Our earring repair services include:

  • Earring post and hook replacement and repair
  • Stone tightening
  • Cleaning and inspection
  • Replacement of missing stones
  • Polishing and re-plating
  • Replacement backings

Why Choose Pinto Gold for Earring Repair?

The team at Pinto Gold brings two generation’s worth of jewellery industry experience to our customers, offering expert-level earring repair services to restore your precious jewellery to like-new condition. You can trust our technicians to take care in all aspects of your earring repair, whether you are simply having your favorite stud earrings inspected or are replacing missing stones in a pair of heirloom drop earrings.