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5 Tips You Need to Know to Sell Diamonds 15-05-2017
If you’re trying to sell diamonds at retail, then you’re much better off being armed with the following tips to maximize your chances of getting your jewellery’s worth. You are, effectively, the salesperson in this scenario and need to adopt tried-and-true methods, as it pertains to the precious metals market, to help maximize your take-home offers. If you own a shop and are looking to break into the engagement/marriage market (or expensive gifts market), then heed the following.
The Secrets of Selling Jewellery Successfully 01-05-2017
Wearing jewellery has always been primarily something that woman like to do, but nowadays, more and more men have started buying and sporting jewellery too. From watches and necklaces to rings and more, be it for fashion, function or just sentimental value; a higher percent of people wear more jewellery than ever before.
Are You Paying for Counterfeit Gold? 15-04-2017
All that glitters is not gold. As popular as the saying may be, some people still ignore its wisdom. According to recent news, fake gold and silver have been flooding the markets in several countries. Knowing how to recognize the real thing is one of the keys to making a sound investment.
A Guide to Care for Diamond Studs 01-04-2017
Diamond studs are an ideal addition to any jewellery collection. If you’re fortunate to have diamond studs, then you already know how stunning they look and how they can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. What you might not know is that diamonds require special care or you risk damaging them.
Which White Metal is Best: Platinum, Palladium, White Gold or Stainless? 15-03-2017
White metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice in jewellery making. Not only does the classic, silvery colouring of white metal suit every skin tone, but there's also a variety metals to choose from that will suit any budget. Unlike yellow or rose metals, which are only available in gold alloys, precious metals like white gold, platinum, palladium and stainless steel are white in appearance.
How to Spot Replica Luxury Watches 01-03-2017
A luxury watch is a stylish piece that looks sophisticated and that’s often viewed as a long-term investment option. Unfortunately, many first-time and inexperienced buyers don’t have the necessary skills to spot a fake.
Which Precious Metal Ring to Choose for Your Wedding 15-02-2017
Your wedding is arguably the most important event of your life. However, two of the symbolic items that will endure the test of time are the precious metal rings that you select for each other. Wedding ring sets are very popular. The question is, which is right for you?

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