Get Cash for Gold in Toronto

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Gold is a very smart investment. Unlike the stock market, which can sometimes exhibit roller coaster trading behavior, gold rates do not fluctuate dramatically. Its price may increase exponentially but it doesn’t drop significantly in short periods of time. What makes it a great investment is that there is always a market for it. Whenever you need instant cash, you can always count on your gold to save the day.

Why Sell your Gold

Even if you don’t have an immediate need for cash, there are many reasons why you might sell your gold:

1. Damaged Jewelry

If you have lost a piece of your earring, or have broken a bracelet or necklace in a way that it can’t be remedied immediately or cheaply, you may consider selling your gold instead.

2. Fashion Value

Even though the value of gold does not decrease significantly, the style of your jewelry might. If you are one of the jewelry trend chasers out there, you’ll always want your gold to be in style. If the trend changes, you can always sell your old gold jewellery and purchase something more current.

When to Sell your Gold

The thing about gold exchange, is that anytime is the best time to sell. If you often take note of gold rates, you will notice the prices are not significantly different, unless of course you are selling in large quantities. If you need the money now, you can sell it instantly without worrying if you could have gotten a much better deal next week.

Where to Sell your Gold

Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers offers the best deals for buying jewelry.

  • Gold, silver, and platinum jewellery
  • Gold and silver coins
  • Gold and silver bullion (bars)
  • Diamonds
  • Antique and estate jewellery
  • High-end watches, pocket and vintage watches
  • Rolex, Cartier, Breitling
  • Silver and gold dental fillings and crowns
  • Scrap metals: gold, silver, and platinum
  • Gold medals & silver medals
  • Antique jewellery

If you want only the best value for your gold and jewelry, Pinto Gold is your one-stop shop. We are the best jewellery buying company in Toronto. Call or visit us today at our store front near the intersection of Yonge and Eglinton for more information.