New & Pre Owned Engagement Rings In Toronto

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is a very exciting event in anyone’s life, but it can leave you financially drained. Instead of purchasing an engagement ring that from a chain jewellery store that looks just like everyone else’s, Pinto Gold has pre owned engagement rings as well as new ones that stand out from the crowd. These new and used engagement rings are all unique, and your bride to be is unlikely to find another woman with a ring quite like hers! Better yet, their age means that the cost stays low, and you’ll be able to purchase a ring with more carats and gems than you could have otherwise.

Our Styles of Diamond Engagement Rings

Our diamond engagement rings in Toronto come in two differing categories, solitaire and multi stone engagement rings.



Solitaire engagement rings feature a prominent single diamond in the centre of a classic metal band. Solitaire rings have been the traditional choice for many years, making them a perfect pre owned engagement ring option.


Multi Stone

Multi stone engagement rings have become the popular choice for upcoming brides everywhere. These rings encompass styles from clustered diamonds to styles with additional gems like rubies and sapphires.

The Pinto Gold Engagement Ring Difference

Here at Pinto Gold, we’re committed to providing every one of our customers with the best diamond ring purchasing experience. Our new, pre owned and used diamond rings are fantastic quality, and will last your loved one a lifetime. When you’re looking for the best diamond engagement rings, Toronto’s first choice is Pinto Gold.

Hoping to sell your engagement ring to upgrade to a bigger piece? Pinto Gold also offers buying services to give you the best deal for your used diamond engagement ring!

Find out more about our pre owned diamond engagement rings by stopping by our store near Yonge, or contact us today!