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5 Signs of a Fair Jewelry Buyer

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 11, 2017

Jewelry is often one of our most-prized possessions. But at some point, you may want to sell it, maybe for financial reasons or simply because you don’t think its design is trendy anymore.  Whenever you decide to sell your jewelry, it is great to know what to look for in a buyer. To guide you in choosing the best buyer to sell your jewelry to, here are 5 signs of a fair jewellery buyer:

1.Reputation. You can choose a legitimate jewellery buyer according to their history with their customers. You can check out a company’s website and search online for reviews from previous customers. Do a little background checking and see if there are any negative comments about the pricing and quotes offered by that jewellery buyer. Find out if what they advertise is actually what they deliver.

2.Credentials and background. A fair jewellery buyer knows how to examine a piece of gold or jewelry accurately. It takes knowledge, training and expertise to be able to tell the exact value of jewelry. The company you are selling your jewelry to must have a team that has all of the credentials and experience required for a certified jewellery appraiser.

3.Facilities and equipment. In order to carefully examine the exact worth of a piece of gold or a gemstone, a jewellery buyer must have state-of-the-art gemological laboratory. There are many tools and devices that can be used to determine the accurate value of a piece of jewelry.

4.Transparent appraisal process. A fair jewellery buyer allows the presence of the seller during the appraisal of a piece of jewelry. That way, the seller is aware of how his or her item is being examined and the process. It is one thing to allow the sellers to see the examination process for the value of the jewelry and it is another to explain to them why their jewelry is being given a particular price. It is important that sellers understand the whole appraisal process.

5.Fair quotes. Of course, a fair buyer purchases a piece of jewelry for the best value that it can get. You can always check the internet and see how jewelry is currently priced. There should be a decent website that can provide that information. Once you have confirmed the real cost of your jewelry, you may proceed in the selling process.

Different jewellery buyers have different methods of determining value for each piece of jewelry. But commonly, they look for a piece of the jewelry’s intrinsic value, rarity, desirability, and condition. If you’re looking for the best jewellery appraisers in the GTA, visit Pinto Cash For Gold and Jewellery Buyers at our convenient Yonge location today. With over 30 years of experience, we are the gold and jewellery buying experts!

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