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5 Tips You Need to Know to Sell Diamonds

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 11, 2017

If you’re trying to sell diamonds at retail, then you’re much better off being armed with the following tips to maximize your chances of getting your jewellery’s worth. You are, effectively, the salesperson in this scenario and need to adopt tried-and-true methods, as it pertains to the precious metals market, to help maximize your take-home offers. If you own a shop and are looking to break into the engagement/marriage market (or expensive gifts market), then heed the following.

Connect with Your Customer

Of course, the price and specific details of the diamond will eventually become part of your sales pitch. However, it’s far more important to start with the reasons why people buy diamonds in the first place: the emotional, generally.

As such, you need to connect with your customers by illuminating the sense of romance that buying a diamond entails, instead of the price. Ultimately, the buyer will decide which version he or she wants, it’s usually based on the feeling the rock conveys.

The Presentation of the Jeweler is Everything

When all is said and done, your customer is looking to the jeweler to stand out from the rest and make the sale. He may not even know this, himself, but if you can convey high-level training and knowledge as well as brand integrity, attentiveness and quality service, you’ll have him in short order. Project a good experience in order to sell diamonds because there are many options available today.

Physical Presentation

Of course, the diamonds that you sell must be unblemished and cleaned to a mesmerizing sparkle. This is probably the most straightforward of the job. Nonetheless, it’s the first thing your customers will notice, especially if the sparkle is off a bit. They might’ve even seen several diamonds from different retailers that day already, so if your physical presentation is subpar, it’ll be noticeable immediately.

Find Out What Your Competition is Doing

This is simply analytics. It doesn’t matter where your competition is, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar storefront or an online distributor, understand their methods of selling diamonds. If you can capitalize on that by improving them, you’ll quickly surge ahead in the game. This goes beyond keyword research, instead build a website that answers questions and meets the needs of your prospective clients.

Investigate Your Customer

You want to sell the diamond and she wants to buy one. Seems simple, right? Well, to be really successful at selling jewellery, you need to focus on why she wants to buy one, rather than why you want to sell one. Your very first question should be what she’s looking for in a diamond. Then, you can tailor your sales presentation on the fly to mesh with her stated desire. If she doesn’t know what she wants specifically, then you get to use your great knowledge of diamonds to inform her about the most popular versions, to start.

Always remember: when you’re looking to sell diamonds, you’re selling an experience before you even get to the physical rock. After all, how much difference, objectively, could your top-of-the-line diamonds be from another jewellery store with the same? Present a sense of consummate professionalism right from the start and talk about the storied history of diamonds and how they’re an international symbol of requited love and commitment.

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