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Antique & Vintage Jewellery Appraisal Benefits

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 11, 2017

For many of us, antique and vintage jewellery is collecting dust in the back of a sock drawer and might not be on our minds often. But have you ever considered that your grandmother’s wedding set, or your father’s watch might now be worth considerably more than you were told years ago? If this sounds like you, then here are some excellent reasons for getting an antique jewellery appraisal for all your antique and vintage jewellery items.

1. Styles change, values change

The value of vintage, antique jewellery is partly due to the style of your piece. You might look at it and think that it isn’t beautiful, or something that people would like. But until you have it appraised, it is tough to know for sure. There are a number of styles that determine whether a piece of jewellery is a period piece and worth more. Only a jewellery appraisal can determine the value of your piece.

2. Age matters

Do you really know the age of your piece of vintage, antique jewellery? The value of jewellery is often directly related to the period that it descends from. Some period pieces are worth more than others, and certain styles from each period can be worth more than others. Dating jewellery requires technical expertise since the timelines can go back hundreds of years. To find out how old your pieces are, get an antique jewellery appraisal.

3. Cuts and karats

Two important features on your piece of jewellery that help determine its value are the cut and karats for the stones. Without an appraisal it is difficult to determine the exact number of karats and whether the specific cut will add to the value too. This is especially important with older jewellery when knowledge of how the piece was made is not available, or you don’t quite trust family folklore. An antique jewellery appraisal will clear up the value of the cut and the karats.

4. Insurance matters

Once your vintage, antique jewellery is appraised, you can then determine a value for replacement with your insurance company. Without that appraisal, your insurer cannot set a value and you might not only lose a piece worth a lot to you for sentimental reasons, but also a family heirloom with a monetary value to your family. Only an antique jewellery appraisal can help you to protect the value of your vintage jewellery.

5. What to do with your appraised jewellery?

Only after your jewellery is appraised, if it is not a family keepsake, can you decide what you want to do with it. There are a number of options. You can sell it, decide to keep it as a collectable and add to your collection, treat it like an investment, or perhaps even donate it to your favourite charity and take the tax deduction. Once you know its value, then you can choose how to put the piece to good use.


The best way to learn about your antique jewellery is to take it to a reputable business for an antique jewellery appraisal. Visit Pinto Cash For Gold and Jewellery Buyers in store at our Midtown Toronto, Yonge location, or contact us online for more information on jewellery appraisals and sales.

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