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Can I Sell Dental Gold in Toronto?

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: March 17, 2018

Dental gold is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about selling gold to gold and jewellery buyers but can be highly valuable nonetheless. So why sell your dental gold?

Dental gold is typically mixed with other types of metals to increase its durability, while still being able to be shaped and molded for use in dentistry. While gold has been used in dentistry for many years, its use has declined in recent years in favour of newer, higher-performing materials.

Are you wondering if you can sell dental gold in Toronto? When you have an old gold dental crown or filling, you’re probably wondering what you should do with it. Dental professionals also find themselves with large quantities of scrap dental gold with no use.

Unlike jewellery, dental gold is not wearable and often ends up tucked away somewhere to be forgotten. Choosing to sell your dental gold is a smart move that can get you cash, fast. Before you sell your dental gold in Toronto, here’s what you need to know:

  • Most gold buyers will accept gold teeth, crowns, bridges, grills, inlays, fillings and even grindings.
  • While many gold buyers prefer to purchase dental gold in larger quantities, a single dental fitting can still be very valuable. Whether you have one or a large quantity of dental gold, it is worth investigating.
  • Dental gold is rarely made of 100% gold. You’ll need an expert appraiser to determine the exact composition of your gold, which can vary widely and impact its value.
  • Most dental gold is composed of 16k gold alloy, which contains a number of metals to increase its durability.
  • Dental gold does not necessarily have the traditional yellow gold appearance. Depending on its makeup, it can also be whiter in colour.
  • After dental gold has been purchased, it will go through a refining process to separate the precious metals that have been mixed together. Some dental gold is mixed with other highly valuable metals like platinum, palladium and silver.
  • Selecting the right scrap gold buyer is important. We recommend working with licensed, experienced appraisers who can appraise your dental gold properly and offer you a fair price.

As part of our scrap gold buying services, Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers accepts genuine gold dental fillings, fittings and crowns. If you are looking to sell dental gold in Toronto, we are here to buy! Bring your dental gold along with other gold jewellery to our location at 2570 Yonge St. Toronto.

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