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Do Brand Names Matter in a Jewelry Appraisal?

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

The jewelry appraisal process can be a tense one for many people who are unsure of the value of their items. Many people believe that specific brand names carry their own weight when it comes time to have a piece appraised. However, the truth may be a little fuzzier when it comes to most modern jewelry pieces.


Probably the biggest place that brand names have an impact on value is with antique jewelry pieces. Some large brand names have historical value based on the time period they were popular. Unfortunately, most people do not possess any jewelry of real historical significance even if it was passed down through several generations. Many of the biggest names are still around today and happily producing new pieces.


The biggest difference between jewelry makers of the past and those who are still around today is the sheer variety of manufactured stones and other treated products that we now have. Today, even the biggest names in jewelry typically have some sort of budget friendly line of products available to the average consumer. The brand name itself may not be an indication of value if the item itself was part of a lower cost line of designs.

Size, Cut, Clarity

Regardless of the brand name engraved on any piece of jewelry, the majority of the value of the piece will be based on the size and weight of the materials used to create it. During the jewelry appraisal process, special attention will be paid to the size, cut and clarity of the any diamonds or gem stones, not to mention the authenticity of their source. In addition the type of precious metals used and the actual physical weight of those metals will have a bigger impact than the name itself.


Many jewelers issue certificates of authenticity for products purchased from their stores. With so many online vendors selling replicas and items of questionable repute, consumers are relying on certificates to prove that their second hand purchases are real. In the jewelry appraisal world, these certificates come with mixed feelings. In some cases even certificates can be replicated, and most of the time the certificate does little more than verify that the item was purchased in a store, but doesn’t provide any additional value to a piece of low quality.

Ultimately, brand names are a status symbol that many people hang on to due to social expectations, but oftentimes they add very little real value to any given piece of jewelry. While there are some clear exceptions to the rule, the vast majority of brand name jewelry designers offer products in a huge range of budget and quality tiers so even their name is not enough to identify something worth a lot of money. The more important pieces of the puzzle such as the type and quality of stones and metals used in the jewelry will provide the greater portion of the value in any appraisal.

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