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How to Sell Platinum Jewellery

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

Rare and precious, platinum jewellery often brings in more cash than their gold equivalent. Just like gold, platinum is nearly repellent to chemical attack, so it will keep its brilliant sheen for many decades. If you’re looking to maximize your return, it’s important to keep your platinum jewellery clean and avoid chipping and scratching on hard edges. To sell your platinum easily, follow these tips.

First Things First: Is it Platinum?

As a metal, platinum is visually identical to white gold or polished silver. Both these metals, although valuable, are considerably less valuable than platinum jewellery, so you must ascertain which one you have before you try to sell it. The quickest way to do this is to have it weighed by a certified jeweler, you can also do it yourself if you have a top-of-the-line scale.

Platinum is far heavier than silver and is much heavier than gold, about 88% heavier when compared to 9 carat gold, and 11% heavier when compared to fine gold. As a good reference, since the difference in weight depends on the carats, 18 carat gold is lighter than platinum by about 33%. This will help serve as a guideline for you when you’re selling platinum jewellery. Be sure that the dealer is offering you full value.

Clean Your Platinum Jewellery

As any sales person will tell you, presentation is half the battle when trying to close a deal. To this end, get a professional to restore it to its former sheen if possible. Although the piece of jewellery will likely be re-sold after being smelted down, there’s no denying that clean jewellery consistently fetches more money than dirtyjewellery. With the latter, you probably won’t have much bargaining power.

Keep in mind, although many jewelers will buy your platinum just for the metal itself, there are plenty that are willing to pay for the full design and history associated with the piece, you just have to be willing to find such a jeweler.

As for the appraisal, this will cost you a small fee, which is another reason you should keep your platinum jewellery clean and spotless. Precious stones also greatly add value to your overall piece. Once the appraisal is done and you have all the information you need, try an actual jewellery store to get your quote. Don’t look to land the exact appraisal price, but do use it as a benchmark.

Due Diligence When Selling Platinum Jewellery

Since your goal is to obtain as much for your platinum jewellery as possible, do not hesitate to see if the jeweler is willing to trade, assuming you’d like a piece of comparable jewellery instead of the cash. Bringing along your original receipt to your precious metal can also help obtain a better deal.


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