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Is Selling Gold for Cash Worth It?

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: February 24, 2020

From television commercials to radio advertisements to large neon signs at the shopping centre, “Cash for Gold!” has been a sort of battle cry over the past decade. You might not have put much thought into the idea before, but selling gold for cash is actually a good proposition and one that can be worth your while. If you have old jewelry, coins, and other gold items lying around your house, why wouldn’t you want to turn that into money that can be used for other ventures?

Is Selling Gold for Cash Worth It

Top Reasons For Selling Your Gold

Clear The Clutter: The first reason that selling your gold for cash is worth it is because it cleans up your house. Necklaces, rings, brooches, and other items are taking up space in your jewelry box, collecting dust, and causing chaos. By selling your gold for cash, you can streamline your situation. But selling your gold doesn’t just clean up your house; it makes it safer, too. Having a lot of jewelry or other gold pieces in your house can make it a target for burglars and thieves. Even if the pieces are old and outdated, the gold is still valuable. While you probably aren’t intentionally advertising your house to burglars, a simple “I have no idea what to do with all this jewelry my mom left me” while out to lunch with a friend can be overheard by the wrong person, who decides to come and steal those pieces. Cleaning out your gold can help protect you.

Insurance: Another good reason to sell your gold for cash is because it can help you avoid other financial setbacks. Economic downturns, job loss, unexpected car repairs, accidents, and more can quickly wipe out a meager–or even large–savings account. In these situations, a lot of people turn to payday loans with extremely high interest rates, go deep into credit card debt, or skip payments on their bills. These actions can have very serious and devastating consequences to your credit. While it seems innocent enough to pay less than the minimum for a few months until you are back on your feet, bad credit follows you for years. This is especially hard to overcome when you want to purchase a new house or car. Instead of digging yourself into debt, you should consider selling your unused gold items to Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers. This will give you the cash you need to help cover unexpected expenses or unanticipated job loss.

Savings: Selling gold for cash is also an easy way to add to your savings. Many people find it difficult to save the large amount of money necessary for a decent down payment on a house or car. Other expenses crop up, which you pay for from what you have saved, leaving you right back where you started. That is a good thing since you didn’t have to go into debt to cover the bill, but it can leave you feeling dejected because your goal is slipping away. However, you can help add to your savings stash by selling your gold. Jewelry boxes full of unused, out-of-style pieces that aren’t worn but that can’t be thrown away can be turned into cold, hard cash. Selling them will help you achieve your savings goals to purchase that new car or house (or computer or whatever you might need).

Starting Something New: Sometimes life is about taking risks, and often these risks involve money that you don’t currently have. Whether you want to start a business, invest in a new stock, or fund a career change, they all require cash. Selling your gold pieces is one easy way to kickstart a new investment in yourself. There are always things tugging at your wallet–whether it is just your everyday bills or another unexpected fee for one of your kids’ activities. It can be difficult to find the money to set aside to really pursue your dreams and take a chance on something new. By selling jewelry and gold, you can finally have the money to invest in yourself.

Is Selling Gold for Cash Worth It

Selling your gold and jewelry pieces can be a difficult decision. Even if you don’t wear or use any of the pieces, many of them might hold sentimental value, making it hard to say goodbye. However, while the emotional process of selling your gold for cash might be hard, the actual selling process is very easy and simple. Gold and silver prices are extremely high, and the gold buying and selling industry has never been more stable. If you are thinking about selling your gold pieces, now is the time to do it.

Where To Sell Your Gold Coins & Gold Jewelry

The most important step in selling your gold for cash is choosing a reputable place to do your business. Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers has the experience, the certifications, and the professional courtesy that will allow you to make a safe, secure, and profitable transaction. Your privacy and satisfaction are guaranteed with quick, secure, and fair service and quotes. All your items are openly appraised, and quotes are given according to the current market conditions, as well as your gold’s purity and weight.

Selling gold for cash is a quick and simple way to make money on things that you never look at or use. Your gold items can hold the keys to a new house, new car, new job, and more. The possibilities are endless for what you can do with the money once you sell your gold, and the best part is that the choices are all yours. When before you had gold pieces laying around the house collecting dust, now you can have cold, hard cash that is working for you. Whether you pay bills with the money, buy a new computer to start up an at-home business, save it for a rainy day, or buy a new piece of jewelry that you actually wear, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you were able to transform something that you didn’t want or need into something that you did, and Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers can help you do that.


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