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Platinum VS Palladium

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

Are you searching for a viable investment option? Precious metals such as platinum and palladium have great resell potential and retain value. With uncertainty in the open market in regards to currency, precious metals are a fail-safe plan against the unknown. For those interested in preparing for their future Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers offers, appraisals as well as numerous opportunities for precious metal and gem transactions: which is the more profitable choice?

Platinum VS Palladium

In the jewellery industry the question of which metal would emerge the clear victor in a platinum vs palladium battle remains to be seen. However, each have some interesting characteristics that make them both a noteworthy investment for you. Here are some differences and similarities to aid you in choosing the best investment to fit your needs.

Platinum Features

  • A very rare precious metal, more rare than gold
  • A crossover metal into the auto industry, close to half the platinum collected each year is used to create vehicle emissions devices
  • A third of platinum is used to create fine jewelry

Palladium Features

  • A platinum group metal
  • Palladium and gold alloy (white gold) continue to be a desirable pairing in the jewellerybusiness
  • Affordable because of availability in comparison to platinum, industrial buyers interested in purchasing metal enjoy the perks palladium presents

Indeed, platinum and palladium even make dentists smile. Each of their unique, but similar makeupsmake tarnishing metals a thing of the past. The gleaming bright white color of these metals attractjewellery enthusiasts aesthetically and industrial moguls with versatility. They also help the auto industry by noticeably reducing carbon monoxide emissions and both these metals are used to put electrodes in medical equipment.

How Platinum VS Palladium Works for You

Platinum is denser and rarer than palladium, but as long as markets need platinum, palladium will continue to be in demand. Competition controls the market, so when you invest in palladium or platinum you can attain those higher margins of profit. Gold and silver continue to be desirable in the jewelry industry, but platinum and palladium are multi-purpose metals that can be sourced for varying applications.

The density of a metal also plays a large role in value. Since platinum is a highly dense metal, it takes more of it to create fine jewellery pieces. The purity of a platinum ring in comparison to a gold ring is exponentially higher. Gold rings take less of the metal but their purity suffers. Higher purity equates to higher value. Platinum is a popular precious metal in men’s jewellery because it is more durable then silver and gold. If a jeweler needs to manipulate the metal it’s easier to do because of its density.

Do you have hopes of investing in tangible profit? A nation’s currency can be unpredictable, but with insoluble capital you can ensure that you hold on to value. If you possess or purchase palladium or platinum, you can better your bottom line presently or in future years to come. Prepare for profit with precious metals today, contact us online, or visit our store front located near the intersection of Yonge today!

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