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Platinum vs. White Gold Prices

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

When you are looking to buy or sell jewellery, you might run into considerable price differences when looking at platinum vs white gold jewellery. Have you ever wondered why? Here are the main differences between the two metals, including price, to help you know your jewellery metals.

1. The color makes a difference

Platinum and white gold differ in the color of the metals. Platinum is naturally white and white gold is naturally yellow.

Platinum, which is sold at 90-95 percent pure, is gray-white in color. Its color does fade, and it will lose its shiny appearance over time. It can be shined by a jeweller to return it to its original state.

There is not such thing as a pure white gold, it is mixed with other white metals, or coated with rhodium to give it a white finish. To keep the color white gold jewellery must be re-dipped or else it will gradually return to its base color, which is yellow gold not white.

2. The composition of the metals

Platinum vs white gold also differ in their purity. Platinum is durable and a much stronger metal than gold. It is also the densest of all the precious metals. When you buy or sell platinum jewellery, you are buying a pure metal.

However, platinum does scratch more easily than white gold because while more durable, it is also a softer metal than gold. Many people prefer the scratches because they move around the jewellery over time, creating a patina finish that looks antique.

Gold is not as strong as platinum, and in its purest 24K form, it cannot be used for jewelry mounting. The 14K and 18K are less pure, at 58.3 percent and 75 percent respectively, so gold must be mixed with other metals so that it is hard enough to be used for rings and other jewellery.

3. Why is platinum more expensive

Platinum is more expensive than white gold for a number of reasons.

• Platinum is rarer than gold, which increases its value. There is less platinum mined in the world each year compared to gold.

• Platinum is a heavier metal than gold, and since the price of precious metals is based on weight, the price necessarily will be higher for similar piece of jewellery in platinum compared to gold

• Platinum is purer than white gold since white gold can be mixed with less expensive alloys to lower the price, for example palladium which is quite inexpensive

One additional difference? While white gold is hypoallergenic at 18K, platinum is always hypoallergenic.

If you are considering platinum vs white gold, platinum will cost you more. If price is no option, then whether you choose platinum over white gold will likely come down to your personal preference. For more information on platinum vs white gold, or to discuss selling your jewellery, visit Pinto Cash For Gold today at our Yonge store front, or contact us online.

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