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Rolex Maintenance: How to Care Tips

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

A Rolex watch is an investment and like any investment, it is essential that you take appropriate steps to protect it. Maintaining your Rolex Watch will also ensure that it retains its value. Follow these Rolex maintenance tips to keep your watch working properly for the long haul:

Get it Serviced Regularly

Your Rolex shouldn’t go any longer than four years without servicing by a qualified watchmaker. Servicing is important even if it’s still working as like when it was brand new. Friction between the parts can still wear the watch down over time and waiting too long can mean you’ll have to replace parts rather than just adjust them.

Be Careful With Refinishing

Refinishing can directly affect the value of your watch. The number of times you get your Rolex watch refinished over its lifetime is pertinent when it comes to gold models, since refinishing will wear away some of the metal. Even with a steel watch, the value can diminish for collectors who want watches with the original finish.

Wear It

Watches are designed for wearing, not for storage. Letting a Rolex watch sit for too long can cause the oils that lubricate its components to dry up, which stiffens the movements. If storing your watch becomes necessary, choose the environment carefully. Do not store your Rolex in a hot or dry environment or one with too much sunlight.

Exercise Care When Wearing It

Just because a watch is known for its durability doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. If it falls or if something strikes it hard enough and in the right place, you could damage the sapphire crystal inside or its face. It’s also important to avoid certain kinds of vibration while wearing your Rolex watch. For example, hitting a golf ball with a club while wearing a Rolex is known to affect how well the watch functions over time.

Also, note that water resistant does not mean waterproof. If the inner parts of your watch get wet, treat it like an emergency and take it to a qualified watch repair professional right away.

Ensure That it’s the Right Fit

One of the most basic steps in Rolex maintenance is ensuring that the bracelet is the right size for you.  If it’s too loose, it will move around on your wrist. The additional movement that results from an overly loose bracelet affects the self-winding action so that the watch will not wind the way that it should. A loose bracelet also places additional stresses on the bracelet itself, which can affect how long it lasts. Furthermore, you may be less likely to wear your Rolex watch if it is overly tight and uncomfortable. As we already established, not wearing your watch is not good for it.

Screw the Crown Down and Keep it Down

The crown should only be up if you are setting the time and date. With the crown up, the watch will not be water-resistant. Screwing the crown down also keeps dust and other contaminants out of the interior of the watch.

As the owner of a Rolex, you are one of an elite group of people. The Rolex maintenance tips above can help you to take care of your investment and make sure that it keeps its value over many years.

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