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Trust In a No Pressure Jewellery Appraisal

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

If it’s time to sell your jewellery, you should know that all jewellery appraisals are not created equal. You’ll need to be sure that your appraiser is fair, honest and experienced; a good appraiser will also make sure that you’ll be under no pressure when you have the appraisal done.

Why is it so important to make sure that the appraiser will put you under no pressure during the process? Simply, if the appraiser makes you feel rushed, he or she could be hiding something – inadequate credentials, lack of knowledge, or a desire to cheat you out of a fair price for your jewellery. So, make sure you place your trust in a no pressure jewellery appraisal. Why? So that:

  • You will be treated with respect

If an appraiser is trying to rush you in your decision-making process, it’s unprofessional, and shows a lack of respect for you. An appraiser who respects you will understand that there are several factors at play in your decision making process. Number one, it may be difficult to give up this special piece of jewellery even though you may have to; a good appraiser will give you the understanding and courtesy you deserve during this difficult time. Number two, you deserve to have the entire process explained to you so that you know exactly how the price quoted to you is reached, and a respectful appraiser will do that. And number three, a good and respectful appraiser will always, always give you the best price possible based upon the current market.

  • You will be able to ask questions as you need to

Think about that for a minute. If an appraiser is asking you to make up your mind “right now,” you may feel flustered, unsure, and rushed. By contrast, a truly honest jewellery appraisal expert will give you plenty of time to ask questions, so that you understand the process and are sure the price you’re getting is truly fair.

  • You will be given time to consider the offer

Again, if an appraiser is rushing you, find someone else. A good appraiser will give you time to consider the offer free of pressure, so that you can make up your mind on your own terms. (It is important to realise that the market value of your jewellery may drop, in that any price offered at a later date may indeed be lower than what you have been offered currently; however, this will be because the jewellery truly is worth less and not because the appraiser is trying to rush you or give you a less than valid price for your jewellery.)

As you consider an offer from your jewellery appraisal, make sure you check current jewellery prices on reputable websites on the Internet. You should be able to get a relatively good estimate of what your jewellery is worth at present.

  • The appraisal will be transparent from start to finish

You should ALWAYS be allowed to be present during your jewellery appraisal. If your appraiser asks you to leave, that’s a warning sign. He or she may have something to hide, or may even want to steal from you by swapping out precious gems for cheap look-alikes. Choose an appraiser that allows you be present during the entire appraisal process.


The best appraiser is going to price your jewellery based upon its desirability, its condition, its rarity, and its value intrinsically. You don’t have to spend valuable time or money looking for an expert jewellery appraiser. Just visit Pinto Gold at our convenient location near Yonge, or contact us online today. With over 30 years of experience, we are the true appraisal experts!

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