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Which Precious Metal Ring to Choose for Your Wedding

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

Your wedding is arguably the most important event of your life. After all, you are bonding with the person you will be closest to until death do you part. With all that said, the ceremony itself is fleeting and the cake and champagne are soon consumed. However, two of the symbolic items that will endure the test of time are the precious metal rings that you select for each other. Wedding ring sets are very popular. The question is, which is right for you?

Choice in Metals

As far as the choice of metal for wedding rings, gold reigns supreme, even though many other alternatives are available. Keep in mind that, although you’re buying wedding rings of a primary metal, most metals use one or more of the others as alloys to yield the desired product. Here are four choices to consider.

  • Gold. This is the most traditional metal used for wedding rings and because of this, there’s a vast array of choices right inside the display case for those couples not looking to indulge in a special order. The most typical colors are rose gold, white and traditional yellow. The cost of gold can vary widely since it’s traded extensively as a commodity worldwide.
  • Silver. There are two varieties available, “silver” and “sterling silver.” The basic difference is that silver is as pure as possible (99.9 %) while sterling incorporates alloys to make it more durable. One of the primary things both types have going for them is the comparatively low price compared to other metals. One drawback of sterling silver is that it tarnishes easily although this can add a striking contrast in recessed surfaces.
  • Palladium. This is a silvery white precious metal with many applications. It is used as an alloy with gold to produce white gold. However, one drawback in using this in precious metal rings is that it can fall in the expensive group.
  • Platinum. This is a very heavy metal, but is strong and resistant to scratches, corrosion, and chemicals. If these are some qualities you are looking for, this might be a good choice. Platinum is also hypoallergenic, but it falls in the expensive group.

Beyond the Basic Ring

Of course, there is more to consider than which precious metal to use for your wedding ring. The most popular addition are jewels in a setting and it comes as no surprise that diamonds top the list of precious stone choices. Narrowing it down, the specific attributes you choose depends upon your preferences, budget, and the compatibility with the band.

Some attributes are:

  • The colour. Although diamonds are generally considered clear, the reality is that there is a range of subtle colours.
  • The cut. This refers to the shape of the stone and dictates how it sparkles in the light. The cut is largely a matter of personal preference.
  • Carat weight. The weight of the stone relates directly to its size.
  • Clarity. This attribute refers to the flaws, many of which are not visible in ordinary circumstances.

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