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The World’s Most Precious Stones

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

There are countless unique gemstones out there, and many of them are considered highly precious. But what makes a gemstone precious? To help you understand this, we’re going to take a look at three of the world’s most precious stones.


When people think of red precious gems, rubies usually come to mind. In fact, it is the red gemstone of choice.

What is so great about rubies?

  • The intense reddish glow
  • The factor that makes rubies so unique is their combination of hardness and a fiery red hue. This means that a ruby’s natural glow can go untarnished indefinitely under the right circumstances.
  • Rarity

Like all precious gemstones, a part of their mystique comes from the fact that they are extremely rare.

The history of rubies

In history, the ruby is known as a stone of power and wisdom. Many ancient cultures even believed that the ruby had the power to heal ailments.


The emerald stands above jade, opal and other similarly colored gemstones as the green precious stone of choice.

What is so great about emeralds?

  • Beauty
  • The emerald is the one gemstone that can turn onlookers green with envy, while matching that jealous hue. Few gemstones are as striking as an emerald.
  • Rarity

The emerald is a rare form of the stone beryl, which is identified as a different gem when it is a different colour.

History of emeralds

The powerful mystique of emeralds is so great that people often knowingly give artwork and jewelry composed of other green gemstones a title with the word “emerald” in it. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs — who were thought to be gods in human form — often adorned themselves in a profusion of emerald jewelry.


No discussion about precious stones would be complete without a mention of a gemstone that held the title of “hardest material in the world” for centuries. Diamonds have been so popular, that they have been made the subject of many cliché phrases, songs and even James Bond movies.

What makes diamonds so special anyway?

Unless you’re a jeweler, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a diamond and other precious gemstone, so you may be wondering what makes it so special. Let’s take a look:

  • Longevity
  • Composed of the same molecules that make up coal, diamonds are extremely hard. In fact, before man-made materials such as graphene came into existence, a diamond was considered the hardest material in the world. Because of this, the beauty of diamonds can be retained indefinitely, even under the harshest of conditions (hence, the phrase “diamonds are forever”). This longevity translates into value.
  • Rarity

Despite the fact that diamond jewelry can seem ubiquitous in department store jewelry sections and local jewelry stores, it is actually a very rare gemstone. Most diamonds have to be extracted from several continents away from their ultimate destination. Not only this, but they are increasingly difficult to extract from the earth; the added cost of labour-intensiveness and equipment drives the value of diamonds up even further.

History of diamonds

For centuries, diamonds were thought to only be a mystical element exclusive to India, which was seen by outsiders as an exotic and mysterious place. Even after diamonds started being discovered around the globe, their impressive aura grew. This is in no small part due to the fact that European kings would enact laws stating that diamonds could only be worn by the king himself.

Which of these gemstones do you like best?


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