Gold Buyers in Toronto, North York & Mississauga

Gold is very valuable and any trade related to it must be done with extra care. There are a lot of factors that come into play whenever you consider selling your gold jewelry or any piece of gold you have. The market is safe and stable, but finding the best place to sell your gold can be hard.

Although it seems like a very easy process, doing the first step can be very hard. It can be difficult to find a trustworthy gold buyer out there. There are companies who take advantage of their customers especially those who are new to the business or just one-time sellers. You may be given a price for your gold that is just a fraction of its actual worth. Here is the most important criteria that you should look for in potential gold buyers:


If you value your gold, you should only do transactions with companies that already have a name in the business. Established gold buying companies use their own methods and unique formulas for pricing and purchasing.

Purchase Process

You will often find companies that offer prices for your gold that are too good to be true. Look for websites where you can find reviews from their customers and check whether they deliver services like they advertise. You must look for companies which offer insurance for shipping.


There are a lot of gold buying companies online. However, retail stores provide face-to-face communication, which is convenient especially if you need the cash ASAP. At Pinto Gold, we’ll even send one of our qualified team members to your home for an appraisal.

Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers has exactly what you are looking for in a gold buyer. We have a reputation for providing high quality services to all of our gold sellers. We buy gold at top rates and see to it that every transaction is fast and secure. Contact us today for more information.