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How to Sell Your Watch Blog Image
March 20, 2018

Figuring out how to sell your watch for the best price might seem like an intimidating task, but with a little preparation and research, you can get top dollar for your luxury used watch. If you find yourself with a high-end watch you’re simply not wearing often enough, choosing to sell it can provide you […]

Can I Sell Dental Gold in Toronto? Blog Image

Dental gold is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about selling gold to gold and jewellery buyers but can be highly valuable nonetheless. So why sell your dental gold? Dental gold is typically mixed with other types of metals to increase its durability, while still being able to be shaped […]

Can I Sell My Rolex for Cash? Blog Image

Do you have a high-end watch collecting dust or hiding in a drawer? You may have wondered to yourself, “Should I sell my Rolex?”. There’s great news for luxury watch owners – you CAN sell your Rolex for cash, trading in your timepiece for the money you need. Why Should I Sell My Rolex? There […]

Get Cash for Diamonds in Toronto Blog Image

Diamonds are some of the most prized jewels in the world, and can often be found among our most expensive and sentimental pieces of jewellery. However, the time does come when we wish to sell our diamonds, perhaps at the end of a relationship or after a loved one has passed. If you find yourself […]

Selling a Ring to a Jewelry Store: What to Expect Blog Image

Selling a ring to a jewelry store is a simple process, but many first-timers are unsure of how exactly it works. How will your ring be valued? Who will appraise it? When will you get cash for your ring? If you’ve never visited a jewellery buyer, you may be asking yourself these questions. We know […]

Where Can I Find the Best Scrap Gold Prices? Blog Image

Whether you’re looking to sell your old jewellery, gold coins or gold bullion, you’re probably going to be searching for best scrap gold prices so you can maximize your profits. With tons of gold buyers out there vying for your business, how can you choose the one offering the best scrap gold prices? Read on […]

Is Your Scrap Gold Worth Anything? Why You Shouldn’t Throw it Away Blog Image

Gold is not trash. Like most people, you have old things that you are in a hurry to get rid of just so that they will be out of your hair. Your old gold however, should never be treated like this, no matter how bad it looks. While you may think that your old beat up […]

The World’s Most Precious Stones Blog Image

There are countless unique gemstones out there, and many of them are considered highly precious. But what makes a gemstone precious? To help you understand this, we’re going to take a look at three of the world’s most precious stones. Rubies When people think of red precious gems, rubies usually come to mind. In fact, […]

White Gold vs Platinum What’s the Difference Blog Image

When it comes to any type of jewelry, whether you are buying it for yourself, getting an engagement ring, or buying it for someone else, it really pays to get to know the differences between all the different materials out there. Not just the stones if you are getting one with a stone, but the actual […]

Which White Metal is Best: Platinum, Palladium, White Gold or Stainless? Blog Image

White metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice in jewellery making. Not only does the classic, silvery colouring of white metal suit every skin tone, but there’s also a variety metals to choose from that will suit any budget. Unlike yellow or rose metals, which are only available in gold alloys, precious metals like white […]