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7 Things to Remember When You Sell Jewelry to a Gold Buyer

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 11, 2017

You should never be in a hurry to sell jewelry. It is important to understand what you have, and what the value of the jewelry is that you are considering selling. Getting more than one offer is a good idea, and you should be realistic and be careful if your emotions are tied to the pieces that you are considering selling. You should be very careful and protect your jewelry and yourself when you are going through the process of appraising and selling your jewelry. Finally, never sell your jewelry on impulse.

What You Have May Not Be What You Think

Jewelry is composed of gold and other alloys. You may see an engraved number and the word “karat” on your jewelry. These numbers are usually showing 10, 14, and 18 karats. They show the gold purity of your jewelry. 24 Karat is pure gold, which is very uncommon to find in jewelry. 10 karat jewelry has 10/24ths gold content, or 41.7 percent gold. 14 karat jewelry is 14/24ths gold content, or about 58.5 percent gold. 18 karat jewelry is 18/24ths gold content, or about 75 percent gold. A gold buyer will only pay for the gold content in your jewelry.

The Value of an Appraisal

It is important to know how much gold and what the worth of your jewelry is before you sell jewelry. If you have a designer piece or antique jewelry, their value may be more based on those facts than the actual gold in the piece or pieces.

Shop Around for Offers

Different companies may give you different offers to buy your jewelry. You should get at least three offers after you have researched companies with good reputations.

Your Emotions

Seriously consider all emotional ties you have to the jewelry that you are considering selling, and think about setting jewelry aside if you find that you have emotional attachment or strong emotions attached to the piece or pieces that you own.

Protect Yourself and Your Jewelry

Depending on your comfort level, you may not want to leave your jewelry with a potential buyer for their offer evaluation. Some companies even request that you send your jewelry to them to be considered for an offer when you want to sell jewelry. If you do decide to leave it or ship it to a potential buyer, make sure you document the jewelry with photographs and a description.

Avoid Impulse When Considering a Move to Sell Jewelry

You should not sell jewelry if you find yourself in a financial difficulty. You may be tempted to make some money quickly this way if you need it, but you may come to regret such an impulsive decision, especially if the jewelry has emotional value.

Finding a Buyer with a Good Reputation

Making sure that a gold buyer has a good reputation in your community is essential. Check to see if your gold buyer has any jewelry trade associations that they are a part of. These associations often require high ethical standards of their members.

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