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Selling Diamonds That Have Been Used Before

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

If you have the heart to part with your preloved gems, you might be in line for a pretty penny. The valuation of your stones is as multifaceted as the gems themselves. Pre-owned diamond value is as responsive to global diamond prices as new stones are, and some cuts are worth more than others. Their historical value, artisan atelier, and design all have an impact on your profits.

Historical Value

It’s not always quite as easy to figure out if your antiques are worth more than you bargained for, but an expert will have the necessary knowledge to spot the distinctive motifs and design processes typical of antique and vintage jewellery. You’ll earn more from selling diamonds that are antique if you offer them as pieces instead of for the value of their stones alone. Even heirlooms from two generations ago can fetch you an impressive price. Industry insiders can date your diamonds based on their:

· Fittings

· Clasps

· Metal setting’s hue

· Hallmarks.

Global Diamond Value

De Beers is no longer as influential on diamond supply as it once was, but the diamond price has taken a dramatic dip in wholesale value over the last six years. Before selling diamonds, check the Rapaport Diamond Index for an inflation-adjusted benchmark. A stone bought in the 1970’s might be worth double its price today, but the effects of inflation render that gain moot, so you’re actually getting less for your diamonds if you sell them at the wrong time. Check forecasts to predict whether you should wait a few months or years before parting with your precious gem.

Gem Value

If your diamond has no historical value, the amount you’re offered will be determined by all the factors that affected its price when you first bought it. The size, weight, clarity, color, and cut will all be assessed by a buyer. Other important things to be noted include:

· Colorless stones are rarer and more valuable

· Cuts that enhance brightness are more desirable

· Flawless diamonds without external or internal blemishes hold onto their value better

· One carat weighs about 200 milligrams – large diamonds are usually rarer and carry more value.

Selling diamonds is rarely quite that simple, though. Some large, flawed gems are worth more than smaller, flawless stones.


The Pink Star diamond was recently sold for a staggering $83 million, revealing how subjective diamond value can become. An investment-grade gem fetches far more today than it did only 15 years ago, but if your stone is younger, you might make a slight loss when inflation is factored into your returns. Today’s diamond market is relatively fragmented, but the Gemological Institute of America has stepped in to add certification that will make the industry more transparent and easier to navigate. Christie’s diamond purchaser suggests that you don’t sell your precious stones in a hurry. You’re more likely to make a profit if you carefully ride the market until it delivers an increase in value.

When You Lose

Some diamonds are like cars in that they can lose as much as 50% of their value the second they change hands. Auction-bought stones frequently have historical value, which overcomes this pricing hurdle. Poorly maintained stones also retain their value poorly.

Diamonds can still be spectacular investments when they’re chosen intelligently. If your stone is certified, scarce, and signed, you might even earn enough to fund your next vacation. Pinto Gold has the expertise you need to earn the best value for your beloved gem.

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