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What Does 14 Carat Gold Mean? A Guide to Weighing Gold

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

When selling gold there are numerous variables you have to consider to estimate value. A gold carat refers to the gold’s overall purity. For example, 24 carat gold would be pure gold as compared to 10 or 14 carat gold which is mixed with other metals for several different reasons, like to increase strength and durability. While gold purity is very important in determining its value, so is its physical weight. There is a difference between 10 carat gold, 14 carat gold and 24 carat gold, and it is important to know this before selling any gold you may have. Here’s a brief explanation of carats and how to weigh gold.

Carats Explained

As noted above, carats refer to the gold’s overall purity. Most gold jewelry and solid gold bars or bullion have stamps on them that can tell you a lot about the item itself. If you understand what you’re reading you can learn what carat your gold is and its overall purity as well. Here is a brief list of common stamps you see on gold

  • 8K, 8ct, and 333 all refer to 8 carat gold. Gold with these markings is commonly European in origin as eight carat gold isn’t recognized everywhere due to its low quality. ‘K’ equals karat often used in American spelling, ct equals carat, and 333 is a percentage referencing 33 percent pure gold.
  • 9K, 9ct, and 375 is 9 carat gold which is common in British Commonwealth nations. At 37.5 percent gold these pieces are very durable, long lasting, and is used in jewelry that sees a lot of wear or use.
  • 10K, 10ct, and 416 is 10 carat gold and one of the most common standards on the market. At 41.6 percent gold it is also known for its durability.
  • 14K, 14ct, and 585 is 14 carat gold and much like 10 carat gold is very commonly used and found in the marketplace. It is measured at 58.5 percent purity. Note that Russian 14 carat gold is slightly less pure at 58.4 percent.
  • If you have an old piece of jewelry you may have an example of 15 carat gold. The stamps for 15 carat gold are 15K, 15ct or 625 (62.5 percent purity). Due to production of 15 carat gold ceasing in 1935 it is normally only found in heirloom pieces.
  • 18K, 18ct, and 625 are all stamps for 18 carat gold. At 62.5 percent purity it is commonly found in high quality pieces of jewelry and is considered an industry standard for quality work.
  • 24K, 18ct and 1000 is pure or 24 carat gold. Due to how soft gold is at 100 percent purity it is rarely used in jewelry due to how fragile it is.

Weighing Gold

To get an exact estimate of what your gold is worth you need to know its physical weight. To weigh gold is a bit more involved than just placing it on a scale. Precious metals such as gold have their own measurement, the troy ounce, which is equal to 480 grams or 20 pennyweights. When looking to resell your gold pennyweights and grams are the most commonly used measurements.

Once you know your gold’s carat measurement and physical weight you’ll next want to contact an experienced and professional buyer. With years of experience Pinto Gold will treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve. Visit Pinto Gold at 2570 Yonge Street today for a free estimate, to sell your items, or for further information.

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