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What to Look for in a Gold Buyer

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: November 12, 2017

The gold trade industry has a very dynamic nature. Gold prices may fluctuate but there actually are signs that give you a hint or two about the best time to sell your scrap gold or broken pieces of jewelry. What can be unpredictable though, are the gold buyers that you trade with. Gold selling can be a very tricky business. It usually involves big sums of money, and this is why there are fraudulent buyers that take advantage of the inexperienced sellers. It’s either they buy your gold for a price that is much lower than its worth, or they actually run off with your gold without paying you a cent.

So aside from knowing the nature of the economy for you to tell when the best time to sell your items is, you must also be able to identify which buyers can be trusted. That being said, here are the qualities of a gold buyer that you can look for to ensure you are making the right choice:


The reputability and dependability of the gold buyer or the company you are transacting with is obviously crucial for choosing which buyer to sell your items to. Your best option would be gold buyers who have been in the business for a long time. Look for customer reviews and find out if they deliver on the service that they promise. They must also be able to provide a detailed explanation of their services and an overview of how their transactions work.

Transaction methods

The most trustworthy companies to sell your gold to would be those that provide clear and specific instructions about selling your gold. A gold buyer must have a legitimate process of transacting business, which provides comfort to their customers.

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