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Where Does Gold Come from and How is Gold Made?

Author: Pinto Gold | Date Published: August 28, 2019

where does gold come from

Prospective buyers of gold are often curious about where their gold has come from. As gold is a precious metal it comes from the earth and is a finite resource. Gold can be found in every continent on the earth. It would be difficult to determine exactly where your gold came from originally as all gold is the same. Additionally, gold can be recycled. Much of the gold we use today has been reused in one way or another though all gold originally came from the earth.

In order to extract gold from the earth it must be mined. This process takes time and effort and is part of why gold is expensive. Gold may seem plentiful, but it gains its value based on its rarity. Like any mining practice, extracting gold from the earth is costly and can also be harmful to the environment.

Thankfully we are able to use recycled gold to both reduce the cost of producing gold items as well as the environmental implications of mining new gold.

How Is Gold Made?

Gold is a naturally occurring precious metal. It is not a man-made substance and is finite. It can be found all over the world but there are some areas that are famous for gold mining such as the Witwatersrand Basin in South Africa.

Gold really is not made at all. Instead it is mined and then refined into the beautiful precious metal that we know today. After gold has been mined it can be used to make a variety of different things and is even commonly used in making electronics.

Gold has been mined for hundreds of years and has been admired and valued since it’s discovery. Even pyrite, known as fool’s gold, is a natural substance. Though it is possible to make gold it is not a common practice as it can only be made in a nuclear reactor. As it is not practical to manufacture gold it is important that we reuse the gold that has already been mined from the earth when possible.

Is Recycled Gold Lower Quality?

Recycled gold is not worth any less than newly mined gold. In fact, gold can be recycled without degrading the gold in any way. According to Green Biz the majority of gold that has ever been mined is still available to be used and re-used effectively today. This means that the large amounts of gold that are already in use through investing or jewellery can continually be used.

Is Recycled Gold Cheaper?

Recycled gold is cheaper than newly mined gold as the buyer of the gold is not necessarily paying for the costs associated with mining gold. But, the actual cost of gold is not any different. Gold is measured in troy ounces and it’s price is regulated. Though the value of gold and gold investments will vary like any investment value there is no difference between recycled and newly mined gold in this regard.

no difference in value for gold

Will I Know If My Gold Has Been Recycled?

Because gold can be recycled without causing and damage or degradation, you may never know if your gold has been recycled. It is actually very likely that you have gold that has been re purposed in some way. At the very least your gold has come from being a larger portion and taken from that to make it the jewellery you have today.

Can I Recycle My Own Gold Jewellery?

If you have old jewellery or gold in your possession that you are not using, you may be able to have it re purposed. By contacting a reputable gold buyer or jeweller such as Pinto Cash for Gold, you can learn more about how you can take the gold you already have and turn it into something you love.

If you simply want to sell your gold it can be obtained by a buyer and be used again for another product. Selling your gold and allowing it to be reused is a great way to be environmentally conscious while also allowing you to make the most of your investment.

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