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Is Your Scrap Gold Worth Anything? Why You Shouldn’t Throw it Away Blog Image

Gold is not trash. Like most people, you have old things that you are in a hurry to get rid of just so that they will be out of your hair. Your old gold however, should never be treated like this, no matter how bad it looks. While you may think that your old beat up […]

The World’s Most Precious Stones Blog Image

There are countless unique gemstones out there, and many of them are considered highly precious. But what makes a gemstone precious? To help you understand this, we’re going to take a look at three of the world’s most precious stones. Rubies When people think of red precious gems, rubies usually come to mind. In fact, […]

White Gold vs Platinum What’s the Difference Blog Image

When it comes to any type of jewelry, whether you are buying it for yourself, getting an engagement ring, or buying it for someone else, it really pays to get to know the differences between all the different materials out there. Not just the stones if you are getting one with a stone, but the actual […]

Which White Metal is Best: Platinum, Palladium, White Gold or Stainless? Blog Image

White metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice in jewellery making. Not only does the classic, silvery colouring of white metal suit every skin tone, but there’s also a variety metals to choose from that will suit any budget. Unlike yellow or rose metals, which are only available in gold alloys, precious metals like white […]

Which Precious Metal Ring to Choose for Your Wedding Blog Image

Your wedding is arguably the most important event of your life. After all, you are bonding with the person you will be closest to until death do you part. With all that said, the ceremony itself is fleeting and the cake and champagne are soon consumed. However, two of the symbolic items that will endure […]

Where to Sell Jewelry for the Best Return Blog Image

Every piece of jewelry is, at the end of the day, a type of commodity that can be bought or sold. We frequently attach emotional value to jewelry in terms of how it was received or given, but fundamentally the ornamental item is just that, a physical possession with a market value. That said where […]

What is White Gold Alloy? Blog Image
November 12, 2017

You’ve probably heard of many different types of gold, including rose gold, white gold, and traditional yellow gold. But what makes white gold white, if the metal itself doesn’t exist in this colour? Man-Made Metal The first thing to know is that it is an alloy, or a metal that is not naturally occur in nature. […]

What to Look for in a Gold Buyer Blog Image

The gold trade industry has a very dynamic nature. Gold prices may fluctuate but there actually are signs that give you a hint or two about the best time to sell your scrap gold or broken pieces of jewelry. What can be unpredictable though, are the gold buyers that you trade with. Gold selling can be a […]

What is the Gold Standard? Blog Image
November 12, 2017

Gold is one of the most sought-after metals in North America. This precious metal, however, is in much more than jewelry. While the price of gold still varies significantly based on demand, bars are still seen as a viable investment option for many people. Our currency hasn’t been backed by gold since 1933; however, worldwide demand […]

What to Expect When Selling Your Used Watches Blog Image

The watch industry isn’t based purely on first-hand purchases and second-hand scrap metal sales. Fine timepieces are an investment with the potential for even greater returns on resale. Many of them increase in value the older they become, so you might be lucky enough to be carrying a goldmine on your wrist. Know Your Buyer Buyers of used watches can […]