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When Should I Sell My Gold? Blog Image
October 21, 2020

If you are in possession of gold that you no longer use, you may be wondering if you should sell it. Selling gold your gold can be a great way to make some cash quickly from items that you no longer use. But, selling your gold jewellery and other gold items such as coins, can […]

How to Clean Gold Jewelry Blog Image
October 21, 2020

If you frequently wear gold jewelry you may find that it loses a bit of its sparkle and shine over time. Typically, this is due to your jewellery simply becoming a little dirty due to exposure to dirt and oils from day to day wear. Thankfully, gold jewelry is easy to clean and can quickly […]

Can I Sell a Loose Diamond? Blog Image
August 27, 2020

There are a variety of reasons why you may find yourself with a loose diamond, and often it can be hard to know what you can do with it once you have one. Sometimes a diamond may come loose from a setting while other times, you may have leftover stones after re-purposing a piece of […]

How to Sell a Diamond Without a Certificate Blog Image

When you are trying to sell a diamond it’s important to be able to prove the authenticity of your item. It is reasonable to understand that a prospective buyer will want to know everything they can about your diamond before completing a purchase. Having a certificate such as a GIA Diamond Grading Report is one […]

How Much Can I Sell My Diamond Ring For? Blog Image

Are you looking to sell a diamond ring that you no longer have use for? Knowing where to start with the selling process can be intimidating. One of the most common questions any prospective seller wants to know is, how much can you sell a diamond ring for? There are many factors that will affect […]

How to Sell a Diamond Online Blog Image

When you have diamond jewellery that you would like to sell, you might find yourself not knowing how to do it. Selling online has become a popular option for many, but every selling platform is a little bit different. Sometimes selling your diamond ring online can be a frustrating experience. Taking your diamond ring to […]

What Can I Sell at a Cash for Gold Store? Blog Image

When you hear a commercial for cash for gold, you might not be thinking that they take anything except for yellow gold. It might sound like it makes sense, but gold is gold regardless of the colour. White, yellow and rose gold are all accepted by most cash for gold stores. But does cash for […]

How Does Gold Get Weighed to Sell for Cash? Blog Image

When you are looking to sell your gold for cash, you might find that you’ve got a lot of questions to ask about how the process works. In our previous article “How Do Cash for Gold Stores Work?” we outlined what happens when you take your gold or jewellery to be sold at a cash […]

How Do Cash for Gold Stores Work? Blog Image

Have you ever seen an advertisement for selling your gold and wondered what it’s all about? Maybe you’ve been interested in selling some of your gold or jewellery but are worried that you won’t be getting a good deal. Jewelry often has a sentimental value to the owner and parting with an item can be […]

Is Selling Gold for Cash Worth It? Blog Image

From television commercials to radio advertisements to large neon signs at the shopping centre, “Cash for Gold!” has been a sort of battle cry over the past decade. You might not have put much thought into the idea before, but selling gold for cash is actually a good proposition and one that can be worth […]