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What is the Gold Standard? Blog Image
November 12, 2017

Gold is one of the most sought-after metals in North America. This precious metal, however, is in much more than jewelry. While the price of gold still varies significantly based on demand, bars are still seen as a viable investment option for many people. Our currency hasn’t been backed by gold since 1933; however, worldwide demand […]

What to Expect When Selling Your Used Watches Blog Image

The watch industry isn’t based purely on first-hand purchases and second-hand scrap metal sales. Fine timepieces are an investment with the potential for even greater returns on resale. Many of them increase in value the older they become, so you might be lucky enough to be carrying a goldmine on your wrist. Know Your Buyer Buyers of used watches can […]

What Does 14 Carat Gold Mean? A Guide to Weighing Gold Blog Image

When selling gold there are numerous variables you have to consider to estimate value. A gold carat refers to the gold’s overall purity. For example, 24 carat gold would be pure gold as compared to 10 or 14 carat gold which is mixed with other metals for several different reasons, like to increase strength and durability. While […]

What Determines Gold and Silver Prices? Blog Image

Gold and silver prices are a complicated topic when compared to other commodities like stocks and currencies. With the other commodities, the price is dependent on the information surrounding the commodity, its location or its supply coupled with the demand for it. Once this information is available, an investor in these commodities is able to […]

We Buy Silver, Not Just Gold! Blog Image
November 12, 2017

With all of the talk about the value of gold jewelry, silver is often thought of as gold’s poorer cousin. But that is inaccurate. Silver jewelry is valuable too, and businesses that buy silver jewellery will value yours. The first step in the process is to have your jewelry appraised, and here are three good reasons why. Purity and […]

Trust In a No Pressure Jewellery Appraisal Blog Image

If it’s time to sell your jewellery, you should know that all jewellery appraisals are not created equal. You’ll need to be sure that your appraiser is fair, honest and experienced; a good appraiser will also make sure that you’ll be under no pressure when you have the appraisal done. Why is it so important […]

Top Designer Handbags to Resell Blog Image

Luxury goods are usually excellent investments because you can resell them for the original price, or better. Top designer handbags are no different. Customers will pay well for gently used, or as Hermès would have it, pre-loved handbags. The following four designer bag brands are simply exquisite: Hermès In the mid-1980s the Chairman of Board Jean-Louis […]

Tips for Selling Rare Gold Coins Blog Image

If you have rare gold coins, you may not be sure exactly what they’re worth. Occasionally, a rare coin appears in the backyard of a curious digger, or in the storage locker that ended up on auction, and the finder becomes a millionaire; more often than not however, they are not hundred-year old artifacts. Rare […]

Sterling Silver vs Silver Jewelry Blog Image

Confusion sometimes reigns when discussion about sterling silver jewelry and silver jewelry comes up. Here we look at the differences between the two and why sterling silver is the most common material used for jewelry. Silver Jewelry Also known as fine silver, 999, three nines fine or pure silver, this metal is 99.9 percent silver. It is […]

Sell Your Gold in Toronto, North York & Mississauga Blog Image

Do you have gold jewellery or other gold items that you don’t have an immediate need for but prefer not to sell? With Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers, you can get cash for gold, without having to transfer the ownership! A fully licensed pawn broker serving Toronto and the GTA for over 20 years, we have the […]